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As a service oriented business, Eclipse Lighting Inc. puts customer service as our number one priority. From large corporations to smaller organizations, we have gone the distance to meet and satisfy the needs and demands of each and every one of our customers. Read the following testimonials below to see what the people are saying about us.

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"  You guys rock! That's amazing that this was able to be completed. Thank you very much!  "

- C.D. at Regency Lighting Construction Services
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"  Bob,

Thanks for the rapid response. I'm impressed!

I will get into S & F this week and present the fixtures to them. I'll let you know.  "

- J.C. at Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc.
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"  Thank you so much for your help on this order.  The customer was very happy to hear that this material should ship by tomorrow!  I understand the frustrations of all parties when something is held up and beyond anyone's control.  We appreciate all you do for us!  "

- M.S. at Layton Sales Agency
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"  These look FANTASTIC! Nice work! I am going to send this over to my engineer, I think he will be more than pleased.  "

"  The hospital likes these so much they want to use them on another facility but without the waves in the lens.

Thanks!!!  "

- N.B. at Central Sales Lighting Systems
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"  Thank you, Sandy. This is exactly what I had wished for. I can't wait to see it installed on the building. "

"  Thank you, Mr. Fiermuga, for expediting my information. "  - S.R. Associate at Tucker Sadler Architects
"  You are the BEST!!!! Thanks!!!! - E.B. Sales Representative
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" I don’t know if I could ever thank you enough. You can add this story as well to someone that has been just amazed at what your company as a whole can accomplish. I have never in my life of lighting have a manufacture take such fast action to a problem and treat my small order as important as one of your big national accounts.
Thank you so much Bob and staff of Eclipse.
My Special thanks to the driver that risked going out on such a bad day.
Happy New Year Bob, you made mine. "
- P.W. at Lighting Applications Group - Steiner Electric Co.
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" Bob, you guys are awesome and I really appreciate everything you have done not only on this order but the previous orders for our customers that you also expedited for me.  I promise I will not forget your great efforts.  Also, I will and have passed on the request for a little more lead time on the next orders.  Thanks again Bob. "
- B.B. at Capital Lighting, Inc. - National Account Representative
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" Bob:
I am very impressed!  Beautiful work, and in such a short time.
I will send to my architect, and let you know."
Thanks, very much. "

 - V.P. at Lumen Power Sources West, Incorporated
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" Again Robert, thank you so much for your attention to this, it is very greatly appreciated and to see someone in your position actually step in and care means a lot. Thank you also for the awesome snacks, you have my whole office smiling this A.M.! "

" You just keep making my day! You don't even know this contractor, he would have had my head for dinner and lunch if he didn't get these!

 - K.M. at Wiedenbach-Brown
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" Robert:
Thank you for taking lead on this and making this happen.
I appreciate your efforts and will support you anyway I can.
Bravo Zulu."

- R.N. at Wiedenbach-Brown
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