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Eclipse offers a multi-purpose line of products that can be used in commercial and retail settings. Our fixtures feature state of the art LED lighting systems which can save businesses costs in electricity while also providing superb illumination and performance. Multiple mounting options are also available such as pendant, cable, or crook arm (goose neck) wall mount. Quality is also assured as our products are built to U.S. and Canadian safety standards and are suitable for wet locations.

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Anchorage Series

Clark Medium Pendant Series

Copenhagen Series (Style A)

Copenhagen Series (Style B)

Copenhagen Series (Style C)

Copenhagen Series (Style D)

Denali Series

Fairbanks Series

Frankfurt Series

LG Series

Linz Series

Linz 2 Series
(Style A)

Linz 2 Series
(Style B)

Linz 2 Series
(Style C)

RM6 Series

RM8 Series

RM12 Series

Stockholm Series (Style A)

Stockholm Series (Style B)

Stockholm Series (Style C)

Stockholm Series (Style D)

Stockholm Series (Style E)

Titan 2 Series

Yukon Series

Apollo Series

Artemis Series

Aurora Series

Aztec Series

Cancer Series

Capricorn Series

Classic Series

Comet Series

Galaxy Series

Gemini Series

Hera Series

Jupiter Series

Leo Series

Libra Series

Lunar Series

Mariner Series

Mercury Series

Neptune Series

Orion Series

Pisces Series

Saturn Series

Sagittarius Series

Thor Series

Titan Series

Vega Series

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Virgo Series