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Induction Advantages / Installation Examples

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Advantages of Induction:

  • Extraordinary long-life Induction Lamp Technology: 100,000 hour rated system life for unprecedented longevity and durability. Over a 20-year operation, life-cycle cost savings more than pays for the initial system cost through reduced re-lamping costs, reduced recycling cost, and energy and maintenance savings versus any conventional lamp and ballast combination.

  • Virtually maintenance-free operation: perfect for applications where fixture location makes re-lamping labor intensive and costly, such as high ceilings, high traffic, hazardous and difficult-to-reach areas. Suitable also for energy-conscious customers who simply want to "turn it on and forget about it". A comparable metal halide system would require re-lamping up to TEN times.

  • Low heat output results in reduced air-conditioning costs.

  • Instant Start/Instant Restrike capability allows greater range of applications compared to Fluorescent and HID.

  • Superb lighting quality: no flickering, no strobing, no noise. Excellent color rendition - CRI 80. Versatile, natural looking white light with no color deviation through system lifetime. Reduces eye strain and stress, leading to increased worker productivity.

  • High luminous maintenance rate. Lamp lumen depreciation is .70 @ 100,000 hours for high light output through system lifetime. 65 Lumens per watt.

  • Superb for very lower temperature regions and applications. Low starting temperature down to -40° / 0°F.