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LED Advantages / Installation Examples

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Advantages of LED:

  • Energy Efficiency: LED sources can be 5 times more efficient than incandescent sources, and are quickly gaining ground on fluorescent. LED lamps convert 80% electrical energy to light while incandescant loses 80% electrical energy in the form of heat.

  • Very Low Power Consumption

  • LED's have an exceptionally long operational life. Projected life of LED sources range from 40,000 to 50,000 hours with proper thermal management. Long lifetime leads to significant cost savings due to less replacement and maintenance requirements.

  • Environmentally safe: LED sources are mercury free which eliminates hazardous wastes.

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction.

  • LEDs provide illuminaton without emitting harmful infrared or ultraviolet radiation.

  • Durability: Ideal for extreme environments and difficult-to-reach areas. LED sources can withstand impact, vibration and other disruptions.

  • LEDs can be designed to project light at specific angles and directions. Because LED sources are directional, they require less beam shaping optics which leads to a more efficient fixture: no light loss as it passes through the required optics.

  • LEDs have no delay or warm up time when switched on.

  • LEDs can emit light in virtually any desired color without additional color filters as well as be programmed to produce an unlimited number of color pattern sequences.

  • LEDs can operate in extreme climate and temperature conditions ranging from -40°F to 180°F.