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  LED 5-Year Limited Warranty downloads: 1838 | type: pdf | size: 348 kB
Description: Official 5-yr limited warranty documenting terms and conditions regarding defective LED products made by Eclipse Lighting Inc.

  Terms & Conditions downloads: 1075 | type: pdf | size: 101 kB
Description: Features standard policies regarding orders and warranties (Effective as of June 1st, 2008).

Product Options
  Dimming Motion Sensors downloads: 1185 | type: pdf | size: 152 kB
Description: Features dimming ballast and motions sensors along with their corresponding product option codes.

  Emergency Options downloads: 1098 | type: pdf | size: 476 kB
Description: Features emergency battery and circuit options along with their corresponding product codes and availability.

Product Brochures / Flyers
  Eclipse Product Guide 2016 downloads: 648 | type: jpg | size: 222 kB
Description: Features the 2016 Eclipse Product Lineup categorized by Application Type (4-pages).

  DarkSky Brochure 2015 downloads: 558 | type: pdf | size: 261 kB
Description: Brochure featuring Dark-Sky / Full-Cutoff fixtures from Eclipse's line of products.

  Delmar-LED Made in USA Product Flyer downloads: 1609 | type: pdf | size: 644 kB
Description: Product flyer that breaks down manufacturing and energy efficient features of the Delmar series.

  Moderna Series Brochure downloads: 1316 | type: pdf | size: 616 kB
Description: Brochure detailing the features and benefits of the new Moderna Series Fixture.

  New Galileo 2017 Brochure downloads: 819 | type: pdf | size: 4 MB
Description: Brochure featuring advantages and applications of the Galileo series of sconces and pendants.

  New Vanity Lighting Brochure downloads: 649 | type: pdf | size: 2 MB
Description: Brochure featuring standard LED slim wall sconces with customizable modular cages suitable for vanity and decorative applications.

  Quest-5 LED Made in USA Product Flyer downloads: 1585 | type: pdf | size: 230 kB
Description: Product flyer that breaks down manufacturing and energy efficient features of the Quest-5 series.

  RM6/RM8 Brochure downloads: 731 | type: pdf | size: 1 MB
Description: Brochure featuring technical specifications and applications of the new RM6 Series and RM8 Series.

  Title-24 Eclipse Product Promo Brochure downloads: 860 | type: pdf | size: 685 kB
Description: Brochure that highlights the upcoming Title-24 California Energy Code which ties into Eclipse's line of energy efficient products.

  Tiger Drylac RAL Color Chart downloads: 2542 | type: pdf | size: 2 MB
Description: RAL Color Chart from Tiger Drylac listing their catalogue of exterior powder coatings used by Eclipse for custom color painted finishes.

LED Technology
  An Answer to LED Droop downloads: 12107 | type: doc | size: 87 kB
Description: An article featured in the January 2008 issue of Compound Semiconductor Magazine explaining the problem of LED "Droop" and breaking down theoretical causes and possible solutions for this obstacle in solid-state lighting development.

  Evolution of the LED downloads: 3023 | type: doc | size: 40 kB
Description: Features explanations on LED processes, misconceptions and facts, and the present/future of LED applications.

  LED Dimmer Wiring Addendum downloads: 2442 | type: doc | size: 38 kB
Description: Eclipse specification and clarification regarding LED dimming drivers along with the default wiring setup.

  2009 Euro-LED Tradeshow Banner downloads: 1983 | type: pdf | size: 1 MB
Description: Eclipse large-scale tradeshow banner showcasing new 2009 Architectural Dark-Sky Euro models.

  Challenges of High Power LED Measurements downloads: 3676 | type: pdf | size: 321 kB
Description: An article featured in the November/December 2007 issue of The LED Journal that deals with the variables & requirements involved in testing the optical and thermal properties of high powered LEDs.

  ENERGY STAR Luminaires V1.0 Final Draft Specification downloads: 1324 | type: pdf | size: 683 kB
Description: ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Luminaires as outlined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  LED Measurement Series - Luminaire Efficacy downloads: 3615 | type: pdf | size: 518 kB
Description: An article by the U.S. Department of Energy: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - that describes the concept of luminaire efficacy and the technical reasons for it's applicability to LED-based lighting fixtures.

  LM-79 Product Tests downloads: 1745 | type: pdf | size: 1 MB
Description: Features tests results of photometrically tested LED products using LM79 standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Energy.

  Eclipse Product Slideshow Overview downloads: 2289 | type: pps | size: 2 MB
Description: A slideshow outlining the advantages and benefits of Eclipse LED lighting systems, retrofit kits, and other energy efficient products.

Metal Halide Lighting
  Venture Uni-Form SPL Lamp Brochure downloads: 1832 | type: pdf | size: 702 kB
Description: A brochure detailing the features and benefits of the Venture Uni-Form SPL Lamp Lighting System.

Philips CosmoPolis™ Lighting
  Philips CosmoPolis™ Brochure downloads: 2541 | type: pdf | size: 2 MB
Description: A brochure detailing the features and benefits of the Philips CosmoPolis™ Lighting System.

  Philips CosmoPolis™ Datasheet downloads: 2629 | type: pdf | size: 155 kB
Description: A commercial datasheet detailing the technical specifications of the Philips CosmoPolis™ Lighting System.

QL Induction Lighting
  QL Induction Lighting Warranty Information downloads: 3455 | type: doc | size: 32 kB
Description: Features QL Induction Lighting warranty guidelines as outlined by the Philips Lighting Company.

  Eclipse Induction Light Fixtures downloads: 1704 | type: pdf | size: 844 kB
Description: Categorical listing of Eclipse products featuring QL Induction and Osram® Sylvania ICE Induction Lamping.

  QL Induction Lighting FAQ downloads: 32730 | type: pdf | size: 140 kB
Description: QL Induction Lighting FAQ features commonly asked questions/answers, comparison charts, and diagrams.

  QL Induction Lighting Troubleshooting Guide downloads: 4649 | type: pdf | size: 65 kB
Description: Features problems/solutions for inoperative systems, short system life, low lumens output, and light flickering.

Instructions and Troubleshooting
  REL Installation Instructions - INST0208 downloads: 1473 | type: pdf | size: 454 kB
Description: REL Installation Instructions include - Pendant Mounted to Surface Mounted "J" Box / Rapid Mount Bracket (RMB) to Surface Mounted "J" Box / Pendant Mounted with (RMB) to Recessed "J" Box / Rapid Mount Bracket (RMB) to Recessed "J" Box / Exterior Wall Mounted Luminaire with Interior REL / Exterior Wall Mounted Luminaire with Recessed REL

  UltraSave Ballast Troubleshooting Guide downloads: 1626 | type: pdf | size: 41 kB
Description: Features problems/solutions for UltraSave ballast and lamp systems as well as important safety precautions and procedures.

  IES Photometric Viewer Program downloads: 3556 | type: zip | size: 3 MB
Description: Photometric File Viewer for viewing IES light measurement test files. Program has been compressed into zipped file format.