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LED Series

Eclipse Lighting Inc. is committed to staying current by incorporating cutting edge LED lighting technology into our line of products. LED lighting has several advantages over conventional incandescent lamping which includes:

• Longer Life Span
• Better Energy Efficiency
• Lower Power Consumption
• Compact Size & Shape
• Durable & Solid Casing
• Lower Heat Emissions

Eclipse is working with leading LED component manufacturers Lumileds, Bridgelux, Nichia, and Cree to bring compatibility and functionality for your lighting needs. Click on the links below for more information on their products. | | |

Lighting Facts Products - Find out more about the new LED testing standard LM-79 set forth by Lighting Facts (funded by the D.O.E) and a list of our products approved by them. 
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LED Advantages - A list of advantages LED Lighting has over traditional incandescent as well as other light sources.
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► General Information Download Section - Download Articles and Documents pertaining to LED Technology
► Download LED Series IES Photometric Files
► LED Lumen Depreciation Chart - Daily/Annual Hourly LED Light Usage vs. Years before 70% Light Output


Eclipse Lighting Inc. reserves the right to choose the LED components that are complementary to our products on a case by case basis. We will try to accomodate custom request for specific brands, wattage, and color temperatures of the LEDs, but do not guarantee all LEDs are universally compatible in all fixtures. Ambient operating temperatures are a key criteria when assuring compatibility. Please consult with the factory or our factory sales agent in your area before specifiying a brand of LED.